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What does it take

To Be A Millionaire?

In order to answer this question, we must first get a sense of what it means To Be a Millionaire.  If we were to say that a person is a Millionaire traditionally you would think that a person has at least a million dollars in the bank. Others might say that the person makes a Million dollars per year.  But the best meaning that we think of is someone we would title as a “RICH PERSON”.

The meaning of a Millionaire does not hold as much clout as it used to. After all, the use of Millionaire goes back hundreds of years. Believe it or not, there were Millionaires since the 1800’s.  If you had a Million dollars in 1900, the purchasing power would be equivalent to about $31,140,714.29 today. Though it is much easier to be a “Millionaire” today, statistically only one in every 400 U.S. households makes more than $1 Million per year.  But one out of every 15 households has at least $1 Million in assets.  Best of all, there are currently 18.6 Million “Millionaires” in the US alone which makes up about 7.6% of the adult population.  The good news is that only 20% inherited their riches so that gives everyone a fighting chance.

So what is about? is an informational site for those who want to know how to really make money. For those of you who have tried finding the huge gold nugget or as a lot of so called Guru’s called the shiny object, you have most likely failed. For those that are new to the quest of trying to make money online, know that it is not as easy as it may seem.  In other words, don’t believe most of what you read about how easy it is to make money. To be blunt, there is no free ride.

Most of the information on this site is geared towards those trying to make money in Affiliate Marketing. Why? Because Affiliate Marketing allows you to earn money in just about any niche possible.

That being said know that really making money through Affiliate Marketing is not an easy task.  In fact it can be very difficult especially at first.  Because of this, most people looking for an easy way to make money give up. can hopefully shed some light to those who are committed to moving forward.

Read through each section in the menu to get a lot of information that you may find useful and save a lot of time.

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Best of luck and remember the most important part is that now more than ever we can all become MILLIONAIRES……

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