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What is an Affiliate Marketplace?

Anyone who is even a little familiar with Affiliate Marketing should know what an Affilate Marketplace is. For clarity I will give a simple definition.

An Affiliate Marketplace is a site where a Merchant of whatever product or service can use members (Affilate Marketers) to promote their products. In return the Affiliate Marketer will earn a commission which is typically a percentage of the sale.

The steps are actually quite simple to being an Affiliate Marketer:

  1. Join an Affilate Marketplace.
  2. Choose a Niche. From a business perspective, a Niche is a focused or specialized area of a market.
  3. Find something related to your Niche that you want to sell from the Affiliate Marketplace.
  4. Create great content about the product or service.
  5. Drive traffic to the Affiliate site.
  6. Get clicks and convert the clicks to Sales.

It sounds easy enough but unfortunately it’s not. First of all you have to find a Niche. Well you might   You can easily sign up to an Affiliate Marketplace and pick a product.  From there you can get you Affiliate URL but then what do you do with your URL. 

For the purpose of we will stick to the most popular Affiliate Marketing sites.


ClickBank is the most popular of the affiliate marketplaces. Why because it is free and more importantly quite easy to use. There are thousands of products to TRY to sell for a commission. All you have to do is pick a Niche. Sounds easy enough.  Before you pick a Niche ask this very important question.  How am I going to sell what I choose in this Niche?  Before you pick your favorite hobby know the most successful Affiliate Marketing falls into these three categories:

Health, Wealth, Relationships

Tips to searching for a good product:


Do a blank search and sort results by Rank – High to Low.  This will give a list of everything in Clickbank.

On the left you have search criteria.  Check the following to get a better search:


Check must have an affiliate page – The affiliate page will be listed under the product and will save you a lot of time.  Typically there will be more information about the product or syste as well as banners and emails swipes.  There is also usually commission details.

Check Mobile traffic – Almost everyone today has a Smart Phone and that means that many people search the internet from their phone. Your Affiliate links or even or more importantly your own website needs to be mobile worthy.  To show you what I mean, look at on your desktop, tablet, and Smart Phone.  This site will look different on each one. Why?  Because I had to make sure that it looked good on all platforms.



JVZoo is probably the second most popular Affiliate Marketing Venue. JVZoo focuses on digital products of which they have thousands of them. You will need approval in order to sell products but you get approved fairly quickly. 

Tips for searching for a product:

High amount of products Sold

Low Refund Rate

Warrior Plus

Warrior Plus is another Popular Marketplace which again focuses on mainly Digital Products. Most of the products pertain to working from home or making money online. One of the differences between Warrior Plus and other Affiliate Marketplaces is that once you register you can become both an affiliate and an advertiser. There is a down side to Warrior Plus in that they have a bunch of products that are pretty much worthless. Look for a review on any of their products whether to sell or purchase for yourself.

Tips for searching for a product:

High Amount of Sales

Conversion Rate

Low Refund Rate

Innovative Traffic Exchange