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Because there are so many websites that are Cryptocurrency based I created a separate page just for these sites and I will eventually create a separate website just for Cryptocurrency or add multiple pages to

I was not familiar with Cryptocurrency until I did some contract work and the client asked me if they could pay me in Bitcoin. Money is money so I agreed at which point I had to learn about Bitcoin and more importantly how to convert it into US Dollars. It seems simple right? Well there is a little more to it.

First of all, let’s talk about what Cryptocurrency is and how it works. Those that are familiar just skip ahead. For those that are new, Cryptocurrency for simplicity is a form of money that you can use to buy goods and services. The main difference is that Cryptocurrency is digital currency. They actually now have Crypto based Credit Cards but there is no Bitcoin physical currency.  In order to turn crypto money into cash, you need a third party exchange such as Coinbase which is my favorite Crypto Exchange but there are many others as well.

Cryptocurrency has advantages and disadvantages. One of the big appeals of Crypto is that it works using a technology called Blockchain. Blockchain is a decentralized technology that is spread across a bunch of computers that manages and records transactions thus making transactions much more secure. Crypto is also decentralized meaning that it isn’t controlled by one person or government. Crypto is easy to exchange especially for International and Mobile payments with the elimination of Banking Fees.

The biggest disadvantage of Crypto is its volatility therefore it can be a risky investment. This disadvantage is important to note because the cost of  your Crypto can change significantly within hours instead of days.

The first cryptocurrency was Bitcoin which at this point most people have heard of even if they don’t understand it. Bitcoin can kind of be considered the gold standard of cryptocurrency in that a lot of the other cryptos tend to follow wherever Bitcoin is on the market. There are now hundreds of other Cryptocurrencies and if you want to invest in these other Cryptos my suggestion is to do some research of them and also watch their patterns. In the end, some are steady and others lose their steam very fast.


Each Crypto site will have its own criteria based on what will make it useful. The Crypto Planet will be a bit different than the Ad Exchange and Safe Mailer pages in that The Criteria will remain the same but some of the sites will be based on strictly making Crypto and not necessarily on Advertising.   If the Criteria is not necessary it will simply be left out in the description. The Criteria will be divided into three different sections. The sections are Features, Rating, and Type of Payment. Read through the criteria listed on this page and I assure that once you have gone through some of the sites and look at the criteria it will make sense.


Left Side Navigation (LSN) – The reason that Left Side Navigation is listed as a Feature is because having the menu on the left side of the site makes it easier to use and that is why uses the Left Side Menu as well.  Why? We typically read from left to right instead of top to bottom.  Most of the Ad Exchange sites that are listed use a very similar menu therefore it will save you a lot of time in trying to figure out how to navigate on their site.

Clicking For Credits (CFC) – Essentially you can earn Credits, Points, etc. by surfing, looking at ads, or reading emails. The end result is that you can purchase more advertising. Make Sure that is worth spending the time to earn points/credits by checking to see how many times your ad(s) have actually been clicked on. Most sites will have their own link counter but you will be better off using your own link tracker. Some sites allow you to earn very quickly and easily while other sites are a waste of time.

Downline Builder (DB) – Some sites have a Downline Builder and some do not.  If you are not familiar with how a Downline Builder works, essentially anyone you refer to a specific site will then join under you in any program they are not a member of. Some of the Ad Exchange Sites will have the same sites in their Downline Builder as others. My advice is to make a spreadsheet and save all of your Referral URLs and ID’s so that you can copy and paste them on to the different sites.

Link Tracker (LT) – Most Ad Exchange sites will track your advertisement site(s) and tell you how many times the ad was displayed and how many Clicks on your ad.  This is useful but if you need something more granular there are better options. See the Link Tracker section in Tools for a good list of Link Trackers.

Link Cloaker (LC) – The process of disguising an affiliate URL can protect your commissions by making the affiliate ID less visible and at the same time, your link will be more appealing by having a shorter URL.  Believe it or not, some not so kind people on the internet will try to steal your link ID’s.  Make sure that you test the link before using it because some sites will add their advertising to your referral URL. 

Link Rotator (LR) – Link Rotators work differently depending on the Ad Exchange.  Usually your site will be rotated on the login page. On some sites you can rotate multiple Ads that you may have.

Solo Ads (SA) – Solo Ads are considered one of the best ways to get your Advertisement(s) to the members of an Ad Exchange or Safe Mailer. Essentially you setup an Email with your advertisement attached to it and it will be sent to all of the members of the site to read from which they will typically earn credits for reading it. The added bonus of the Solo Ad is that you can put more information about your Ad in the email to make your Ad more appealing.  You can find cookie cutter E-mail swipes on a good portion of affiliate pages but my suggestion is that you create your own that way your readers are not reading the same Solo Ad over and over again.

Site Rating

Each of the sites listed on 2BAMillionaire will have a site rating. There is no point in putting sites that I consider a rating of Poor and I assure you that there are a lot of them. Note that the ratings may change if I find something promising or the opposite.

Excellent – Crypto Sites with an Excellent rating meets the following criteria. The site is popular with a fairly large amount of members and traffic. There is free advertising and the ability to get more free advertising through earning credits/points, promo codes, etc. There is something about the site that stands out above the Good Ad Exchanges.

Good – Most of the Crypto Sites on have a rating of Good. A good rating means that there is adequate amount of traffic and free advertising in some form but the site does not get an Excellent rating because there is nothing on the Ad Exchange that really stands out to make it better than others.

Fair – A Fair rating is given to an Crypto Site site that may or may not be popular.  Fair would also mean that there are some flaws with the site such as the site is confusing or hard to navigate, very little hits on your sites or does not have a clear picture of how you can generate any income or potential advertising.

Type of Payment

This should be self-explanatory.  Each site will have its own type(s) of payment if you make money from the site from affiliate marketing, referrals, drawings contests and whatever else.  The Payment could be but is not limited to: PayPal, CoinPayments, Skrill, TransferWise, Uphold, Payeer and a whole lot more. Most of the accounts are free.  See the ACCOUNTING section on the tools page for more information about the different accounts.

Bitcoin Downline Builder

Bitcoin Downline Builder is exactly what the name says. You simply join the site for free and join all of the other sites in the Downline Builder. You then have a page to advertise with showing all of the other Crypto sites.

Features: DB

Rating: Good

The Crypto Mailer

The Crypto Mailer  is a popular Crypto Ad site that is easy to use.  You can setup banner ads for credits and evenly distribute between your different ads.  You can setup Solo Ads with credits but you are better off to buy a Solo Ad for $3 because it takes a lot of credits to buy the Solo’s and you only get one credit per email view.

Features: CFC, DB, SA

Rating: Good

Type Of Payment: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin

Moon Tokens

There is not much to Moon Tokens.  Either setup Solo Ads or promote Moon Tokens for money. The upside is that it is a popular site.

Features: SA

Rating:  Good

Type Of Payment: Venmo, Bitcoin, Zelle, GPay, Tranferwise, Uphold Amazon, Litecoin, Uniswap, Tron, Ethereum, Trade Commisions

Coin Birds

Coin Birds is a great site to make passive income and it’s a fun site too.  The site works as a game where you buy birds, they lay eggs, eggs are sold for gold and eventually you can cash out.  There are similar sites  to Coin Birds but I like this one the best.  It’s free to join but the process will work a lot faster if you add $10 or more and get referrals to the site. 

Rating: Excellent

Type Of Payment: Payeer, Bitcoin, Skrill, Paypal

Bitcoin Clix

Use Bitcoin Clix to view ads and earn Satoshis which you can convert into Bitcoin.  You can also advertise with Paid to click Ads or Banner both at a low cost.

Rating: Good

Type Of Payment: Bitcoin

Use to view ads and earn Satoshis which you can convert into Bitcoin. This site is similar to Bitcoin Clix except that the payout is more.  You can also advertise with Paid to click Ads or Banner both at a low cost. Also there is an option to rent Referrrals for a fee.

Rating: Good

Type Of Payment: Bitcoin

Crypto Mailer 4U

Crypto Mailer 4U is a standard Crypto Safe Mailer site. you can also advertise Crypto related banners as well. Each credit you earn on this site is worth 5 views.

Features: CFC, DB, LT

Rating:  Good

Type Of Payment: Bitcoin, CTP Token

Crypto Surf

Crypto Surf is a Crypto Ad site where you can advertise banner ads and Solo Ads.  You get 1 banner ad and 2 square banners free upon signup. Collect CryptoSurf Tokens (CST) which is the sites internal currency for more advertising and possible adshares.  You will also find some good information about other Crypto sites.

Features: LSN, CFC, SA

Rating: Good

Type Of Payment: Not Sure

Bitcoin Ad Exchange

Bitcoin Ad Exchange is a standard Bitcoin Ad Exchange. You can get 5 banner ads and 5 text links for free or use bitcoin to generate traffic and your business. If you upgrade your membership you get free upgrades to other sites as well.

Features: LSN, CFC, DB

Rating: Good

Type Of Payment: Bitcoin

Bitcoin Blizzard

Bitcoin Blizzard is a Crypto Ad site where you can advertise banners and text ads. You can join a team on this site for team surfing which will give you greater advertising rewards.

Features: LSN, CFC, DB, LT, LR

Rating: Good

Type Of Payment: Bitcoin, Skrill, Zelle

Route 66 Traffic Exchange

Route 66 Traffic Exchange is a Crypto Ad site where you can advertise banners and text ads. This is a fun site where you can earn credits or earn money for finding post cards as you search for credits. You can purchase Paid-To-Click advertising relatively cheap.

Features: LSN, CFC, DB

Rating: Good

Type Of Payment: Bitcoin

Bitcoin Cash Advertising

Bitcoin Cash Advertising is a Crypto Ad site where you can advertise banners and text ads. This site is straight forward but nothing special.

Features: LSN, CFC, DB, LT, LR

Rating: Fair

Type Of Payment: Coin Payments


You2Surf is a Crypto Ad site where you can advertise banners and text ads. You must add a site in order to surf. There are some games that you can play on this site in order to get more credits.

Features: CFC, DB, LT, LR

Rating: Good

Type Of Payment: Transferwise


CryptoBulls is a system that allows you to giveaway memberships in order to get referrals and to gain commissions from new members. CryptoBulls is a very popular and you only need 2 referrals to start making the system work. Click on my link below to become a platinum member for free.

Rating: Excellent

Type Of Payment: Litecoin

Bit To Click

Bit To Click will pay you for viewing ads. You also get $1 when you signup for free.  You can advertise on Bit To Click but the advertising is not free. Check out the ViewAds/Get Paid for some good information.

Rating: Good

Type Of Payment: Bitcoin was revamped and the new site is much nicer.  This is a popular  and worth a small investment to make money. Though needs some work, it is a good site to promote.

Rating: Good

Type Of Payment: Coin Payments

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