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This page is dedicated to Money Making sites that don’t necessarily fall into the other groups on but are still useful in some form of making money. Because this page will have different types of sites, each site will have a rating of  Excellent, Good, or fair and the Type of Payment.

Honey Gain

Honey Gain is a great small piece of software to download to make easy Passive Income. I have already made over $20 from this site by simply letting the software run in the background. You will get $5 upon signing up. The software simply uses your unused data from your internet connection. Honey Gain is not intrusive, it is totally encrypted, and you can use it on multiple computers on the same account to get faster results.

Secrets of the Big Dogs

Secrets of the Big Dogs is a very popular system. The book is definitely a must read for anyone who wants to get a real understanding of the ins and outs of Affiliate Marketing. The downside is that the full system is not cheap. My suggestion is to buy the book because it is inexpensive and worth every penny and then decide to buy into the full system.

To Be Continued .....

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