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Thank you for landing on My name is Mark Lester and I created this site because I like many others in this world, I want TO BE A MILLIONAIRE.

I will honestly tell you that I am not a Millionaire, YET.  I thought of the name of this site because I realized that if I truly did want to become a Millionaire I would have to make that my goal.  If we truly want something we have to manifest it, believe it, and finally make it real. I see 2BAMillionaire at the top and bottom of every page.  You get the idea…..

I started trying to make money several years ago after losing my job as an IT Engineer during the recession.  I tried making money 

I realized after several years of trying the honest truth.  “If it sounds too good to be true than guess what?  It most certainly is.  The idea of Affiliate Marketing is simple.  Sells someone else’s product and make money for you and for them.  Well commissions can be made but at what cost?  That’s right; you have to do all of the work.

How Do You Make Money Online?

2BAMillionaire focuses mainly on making money through Affiliate Marketing because it will give you the best opportunity. The idea of Affiliate Marketing is simple. Sell someone else’s products, programs, systems, books, campaign, etc. and in return, you make money through commissions and thus making more money for who you are selling for.

Most of the websites listed on are places where you can advertise your product and at the same time if you like a particular site(s) then you can advertise it on other sites. If you are able to get someone to purchase a membership package for example, you will get a commission. Besides the possibility of making commissions the sites that are on are free to join and most offer free advertising which is in turn money. Advertising can be very expensive therefore taking advantage of free Advertising is very important.

There is another big piece to making money online as well. Look for ways of making Residual and Passive income. They are both a bit different see my explanation:

Passive Income

Passive income is money that you earn without actively working for it.

Residual Income

Residual income is money earned not just from the first sale but also every sale from referrals for the time that particular customers exist.

The goal is obvious. In order to Make Money Online you have to find AS MANY WAYS TO MAKE MONEY AS YOU CAN. If you start looking you will be surprised what you find and even if you find a good source of income Online and you really want 2 BA Millionaire then don’t stop looking.

The Plan

Get as much traffic as you can to whatever you are trying to sell.

Get as many referrals as you can to sign up to your mailing list so that you can offer them different products in the future.

Increase your streams of income. Look for as many opportunities to generate new sources of income for the future.


The number one tip is to not buy into anything until you know that it can bring you some kind of value. If you want to buy into something because it claims to make you a lot of money, go online and find a review of it first. It will not take you long to find a review of the claimed magic product. You will find a whole bunch of people telling you how great the product is and to not buy it unless you buy from them with a bunch of free bonuses or as I like to call it “garbage to fill up your hard drive”. You will also find those real reviews that explain what the product really does or does not do. Start with YouTube and see it before you buy it.

Start Your Own Website. Everyone is selling the same thing. So what are your chances of getting someone to click on your Cookie Cutter Ad and signup with your referral URL? Unless you write incredible E-mails, it is almost like winning the lottery. So do something different. Come up with something new. I thought it would be difficult to build a website and to my surprise it is not. In the end you will save a whole lot of money. You can literally have your own site for a few bucks a month. Once you have your own site, you can advertise anything and everything you want.

If you need sources of new Ad Sites use the downline builders which you can find at most Ad sites. The more advertising sites that you sign up for, the more advertising sites that you will find in their Downline Builder. It’s basically a never ending source of Advertising.

Why Use will give you lots of information about mainly sites where you can advertise and also promote in order to make commissions. I created from scratch by myself. There are a ton of website templates but I did not like any of them so I started with a blank slate for several reasons. I wanted to create a site that was simple to use. This site has no games, contests, or paid memberships. I also wanted to share what I have learned in my quest to make money online.

Take as much information as you can from all of the sites that are listed on 2BAMillionaire. This site is in its infancy but I have spent some time on the content. You should also know that because there is so much information on the internet, I will constantly be adding to so come back often.

I hope this site will encourage you to come up with something new and create your own website. If you have any comments or anything else that you would like to share please contact me.

To Our Success and Happy Journeys!

Mark Lester

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If you would like to advertise on please send me an email. I have no problems with advertising on this site as long as there is promise of making money. Send your info with your email and I will get back to you after I test it:

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