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This page contains tools that you can use for Affiliate Marketing. Most of the tools are free. I am always on the lookout for more tools especially those that are free. If I find something new, it will be added to this page.


Having an Autoresponder is a crucial tool to making money as an affiliate. An Autoresponder is a website that allows you to send automated emails to people in your email list. Some of the Autoresponders listed on this page also allow you to create Landing Pages.


AWeber is a great and Autoresponder that is also very popular. Aweber is easy to use and easy to integrate with other sites. There is a lot you can do with Aweber including Landing Pages and Sign Up Forms. The Autoresponder is Free to join and use but5 there is one drawback in that you are limited to being able to create one list. In order to create multiple lists it will cost currently $16.15 per month.


Mailchimp is another great Autoresponder with a lot of other functionality. You can create Email campaigns, Landing Pages, Newsletters, and even a Website. Another great feature is how well you can track your campaigns. You can do a lot with the free version but you are limited to 2000 contacts which is quite a bit. The one downside to the Landing Pages is the limit on the graphics but simple Landing Pages can be just as effective.


There are free sites where you can create Banners. If you want more sophisticated Banners with animation such as GIFs than you will most likely have to pay. Some of the sites that I have used in the past are no longer available therefore I suggest that if you find a good source for free banners use it and make as many banners as you can. Below is a list of good sites with some Banners that I created for 2BAMillionaire.


Canva is an awesome site that will allow you to create just about anything. Not only is there a large amount of templates but also you can create any type of banner from scratch. Canva is a must use tool for your banners. 

Instant Banner Creator

This site has free membership which you can make limited types of banners but they do the job. The upgrade gives you a lot more options but the upgrade has a monthly fee and it is not very cheap.


Bannersnack is free to create Banners but without an upgrade you are limited on what you can create.  Regardless, you can create up to 10 banners and the site is very user friendly. 

Link Cloaker/Shortener

A Link Cloaker disguises an affiliate URL which can protect your commissions from people who may try to steal your member ID’s. At the same time, you can shorten your affiliate links to make them look better. There are dozens of good Link Cloakers and a lot of them are free. I am listing a few of the most popular below. All of the links that you see for each Link site will show the sample shortened/cloaked link for





Tiny URL


Link Tracker

A link Tracker is very important to your Affiliate Marketing campaigns. Why? Because if you are advertising multiple sites or even just one site you need to be able to see the traffic and where it is coming from.

Hits Connect

Hits Connect is a great link tracker that allows up to 10 links for the free version. With the pro version you can track up to 100 links.


I called this the accounting section because every site has some type of purchasing for upgrades and what not or more importantly how you will get paid if you succeed in bringing in revenue. There are too many accounting sites to list so here you will see the most popular listed. Note that most of the sites listed will let you join and create an account for free.


Coinpayments is a global Cryptocurrency payment platform that provides an easy way to make or receive payments. CoinPayments is very trusted and easy to integrate even from your mobile device.


If you don’t have a PayPal account then get one especially if you plan on making money through affiliate marketing. PayPal makes it easy to move money around your accounts and to receive money.


Skrill is a digital wallet platform which offers a range of online payment and money transfer services. Skrill operates in more than 120 countries with the digital wallet offered in 40 different currencies.

GPay - Google Pay

Google Pay is a digital wallet platform and online payment system developed by Google to power in-app, online, and in-person contactless purchases on mobile devices. The Google Pay app is fast, simple, and secure for online payments. Also, you can send money, store tickets, get rewards, and more.

Cash App

Cash App is a great application for sending and spending money. It’s safe, fast and free mobile banking app that also allows for the transfer of Bitcoin. You can also get a free money card through this application.

Facebook Pay

Facebook Pay is a simple and secure payment option for those who use Facebook and/or Instagram to make purchases, donate, or send money to friends and connections. On some sites you can also receive commissions.

Innovative Traffic Exchange